Experiencity Madrid

Experiencity is the biggest Escape Room in Madrid, with more than 600 square meters, a place to immerse in a defiant and entertainig experience.

Test your skills and overcome the challenges to escape in the shortest possible time and thus enjoy an escape game that you will never forget!

Our rooms

Choose any of our experiences and escape the room before the time expires.

Enjoy with your friends, family or coworkers, and enjoy this distinct Escape Room.

Cross the doors and live an adventure since second one.

White Experience
The end of the world is inminent.
Prove that your team is fit to execute Project C
Red Experience
Will you be able to recover the mask of Emperor Qin Shi Huang?
Yellow Experience
We have all been children...
Relive the greatest adventure of our childhood.
Green Experience: The Hacker’s hideout
Can you protect the legacy of one of the greatest hackers in the world?
Experiencia Azul: Atrincherados Madrid
Get access to the fortress of nazi high command and run from the trench. We are at war!
Purple Experience
If you are reading this, you are The Resistance
Defeat the Reich with Dr Jones’ help
Experiencity Kids
Find the lair where Dark-boy is hidden and destroy his Titan

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About us

Experiencity is formed by a multidisciplinary team of actors, creatives and game designers who stand out doing what they like best: generate unforgettable experiences. We are Escape Room Lovers who we decided to launch a project that excites us.

We want the escapist to come to our facilities and live something unique and special, that's why we pay so much attention to detail, to transform a game into an immersive experience.

In addition to playing our rooms, if you need to gamify processes or events, do not hesitate to contact us: we are your experience agency...

Portable room escape for big groups


Project C in Madrid

Are you more than 6 players and want to find a fun and challenging leisure activity? Live the experience in our premises or ask us to take it to your home from 8 players.

Hire the White Experience and do something original for your team building, birthday or bachelor party.

The end of the world is imminent.

The time has come to go with your team to the selection process of Project C. Prove that your team is fit to execute Project C and show that you are the best candidates to join the project that will save humanity.

Will you be able to overcome the process?

*Play it in our premises from 6 to 24 players. At your premises or home from 8 players.

Where we are

You can find us in Plaza de Francisco Morano, 3
Following the indications of the health authorities, we inform that the use of a mask is mandatory at all times within our facilities. All spaces are disinfected after each use.

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